If you are starting to date for the first time in a while you are bound to get rejected, a common saying is that helps me keep my head up is, “for every time you get a no, you’re that much closer to a yes,” this motivates me to keep trying even if I get rejected a few times.  This article will help you handle rejection in the smoothest ways possible, as well as keeping your spirits up.

First off remember if one door closes another door will open, and a lot of the time getting rejected can be something you have absolutely no control over!  There are countless reasons why a girl might reject you, you might remind her of someone she had a bad experience with in the past, even perhaps her ex-husband!  You should ask yourself after being rejected was it me that was being rejected or something I have no control over, most of the time it will be the latter of the two.  Also it is important to realize if you have been rejected and stop pursuing that person if they tell you more than once they are not interested, because after this you most likely will come across as annoying, and very soon after that could be borderline harassing the person.

So the best advice is just think of dating new people almost as a numbers game.  You are bound to might someone who really connects with you if you meet a lot of different people.  Also if you get rejection make it easy on yourself and the person rejecting you and move on, do not pester the person to the point of annoyance, or even harassment.  Finally, keep your head up, you might not be the reason the person is rejecting you.

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