Have you seen guys following their ex girlfriend around, trying to win her back like a desperate person?  If we are to make a vote, do you think that the guy would succeed in his goal?  I would vote no but let us say that even if he does succeed, is it worth being back with a girl if you are totally stripped of your manly pride?  Do you think that you still have what it takes to make your relationship work in the long run?  Remember that there are still bumps and rough roads ahead.  Do you think that you still have enough strength to pull through or you have exhausted everything in trying to win back the girl?  How to get your ex girlfriend back without stripping yourself of manly pride?  That is the question that you should be asking yourself.

What a lot of men that are desperate to get their girlfriend back do not realize is that it is dangerous for a guy to be completely stripped of his pride.  The reason behind this is that there is a huge difference in the psychology of men and women.  Women, want to be LOVED first and foremost while men want to be RESPECTED before anything else.  Hence, if a man starts to lose the sense that the woman is not respecting him or worse, if he has totally lost his sense of respect, then the foundation of the relationship is very weak.  The core values itself are already lost.  That is why you must know to get your ex girlfriend back without stripping yourself of your manly pride.  It does not mean that you love her any less but the future of your relationship greatly depends on it.

The key on how to get your ex girlfriend back without totally losing self respect is by letting the emotions simmer.  Give it a couple of days or even a week or so.  It is pointless to talk if you are both still hurt and angry.  You would only end up inflicting more pain upon each other.  Once you feel that you are ready to speak to her, man up and have the guts to initiate the talk.  Find a private place where you can just express your emotions and your thoughts about the whole thing in a calm and loving manner.  There must be no accusations.  Keeping your manly pride does not mean that you will not tell her your intentions of wanting her back.  It simply means that after the talk, let her know that the ball is in her court.  She can let you know whenever she is ready about her decision.  Notice that there is no begging involved in this tactic, just a straight and honest conversation with mutual love and respect.

As you wait for her answer, do not do things like Facebook stalking her.  Engage in your hobbies until the day that she is ready to say “I am ready to get back with you”.

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