Breaking up is tough and painful.  It takes a huge toll on ones self esteem.  That is precisely why the first step on how to get your ex back is to have an action plan.  You cannot just be impulsive and hope that your tactic works because more it would more likely fail.  Below is an example of a well thought of action plan that is bound to successfully get your ex back.

The first step is to sit back.  You may not necessarily be too relaxed but that is how to get your ex back.  You can’t just talk to each other if emotions are still heightened.  That could just be another fight waiting to happen.  You both need time to calm down and think things through so use that time apart wisely.

Second, take deep breaths and get your emotions under control.  This is especially true for women when they are about to throw a fit.  That is not really advantageous if you want to know how to get your ex back.  Whenever you feel your emotions rising, just inhale and exhale until you have calmed down.

Third, be honest to yourself and try to find out the cause of the break up.  Do you have something to do with it?  If so, admit it.  There is no room for pride.  That is just how it is if you know how to get your ex back.

Fourth, change what has to be changed.  Be a better you by mending your ways after your self reflection.  That would make you more attractive to your ex.

Last, schedule a talk with your ex and do so calmly.  Be honest and firm with the things that you have to say.  Just let him know what you think but never force him to get back together with you.

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