get back ex with attitudeYes, we all know the drama of a break up.  He said things, she said things and before they even realize what is going on, they have broken up and given up on their relationship much sooner than they should have.  Being in a relationship is not always smooth sailing and perfect.  Tears and hurts are part of it as well, but for those of you who have experienced a break up, if you really love that person, you will do whatever you can to win your partner over again.  The question however is how to get your ex back.

When you go online, you will surely find a hundred and one tips on how to go about it.  Well, as much as those courses of action may help, that is not the first and most important step that you should take.  You have to start with your attitude!  It is normal for people who recently broke up to have all sorts of negative feelings and attitude. Here is one important piece of advice: lose them!  They will never help in getting your ex back.  These are the common attitudes that people who are recently single tend to have.  After that is the right attitude that you should employ.

Negative Attitude #1: “My partner is tired of me because I am simply not  good enough.”  The way we think translates to the way act.  If you think that you are not good enough then you really will start acting like a loser – one who deserves to be alone.  But change your attitude to “my partner would want to have me back because I am a great person with a wonderful personality”.  Just keep on saying that to yourself over and over and guess what, you will eventually believe it until such time that you are living it already.  How to get your ex back?  Think that you are good enough because you are!

Negative Attitude #2: “I never really loved him anyway!”  Some people resort to the opposite end of the spectrum and start protecting their pride by saying that they never really loved their partner so who cares if he or she left me?  At least be honest with yourself.  If you never loved him or her, then fine.  But if you did (or still do rather), do you think that lying to yourself would speed up the healing process?  I think not.  So if you really love your partner then admit it!  After all, it would propel your actions in getting him or her back.  How to get back with your ex?  Be honest with yourself!

Negative Attitude #3: “My partner is a worthless piece of junk anyway!”  If you think that he or she is, then why are you reacting that badly?  You love your ex because you saw the good in the person.  How to get your ex back?  See your ex for who he or she really is and make sure that you express it!

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