So this is the scenario, you are out on one of your usual dates, which you will later on find out may as well be your last.  Your boyfriend or girlfriend is breaking up with you.  What can you do?  What steps should you take to get him or her back and prevent a permanent break up from happening?

What most people end up doing is to immediately try to convince their partner that breaking up is a bad idea.  Now if that course of action does not work, they resort to stalking, constant text messaging, leaving countless Facebook message and other tactics that scream intense desperation.  Well, guess what, those tactics are bound to fail.  In fact, you can be so annoying that your ex would be happy to be rid of you for good.  So never fall for any of those tactics regardless of how tempting it may seem.

What you must to do is go for the counter-intuitive tactic.  If your boyfriend or girlfriend decides to break up with you, then simply nod your head or agree.  Assure them that it is the right decision to make and the right thing to do.  You can even kick it up a notch and tell them that you were about to bring it up or that you knew that it was coming way beforehand.

Before you panic and think that the tactic just won’t work, simply remember that it is natural for people to want what they do not have.  If you agree with the break up, your ex would want you back simply because of how you reacted during the time that they broke the news to you.  Just be patient and don’t do anything rash.  Your ex is bound to find their way back to you.

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