Sadly everyone gets in a breakup every now and again.  However it is important to keep your head up and know the future has many good things in store for you.  It is hard and will take conscious effort but a break up really isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you.

One way most people get over their break up is by constantly surrounding themselves with friends who are funny and keep your spirits high.  This will prevent you from dwelling on the past and force you to enjoy life without that person.  There are also four other quite simple ways for you to move on from your ex faster than just hanging out with friends.

The first is to stop looking back on all of the best moments of your relationship.  This will only stifle your ability to move on.

The second thing you can do is to stop thinking that you will never find someone you like as much as that person who you used to be dating.  Although they are a one of a kind person you most certainly will fall in love with a new person and they will seem just as special to you.

The third thing you should do is not try to be friends with them after the break up.  You are only putting yourself through more pain and suffering, because the more you hang out with them the more likely you will want to be with them again.  Hanging out with this person is the last thing you need, especially as the demoted status of friends.  After you have had time to properly move on it would be fine to be friends with that person again, but allow yourself enough time to move on.

The fourth thing people tend to do is see relationships as an investment.  They say things like “that was such a waste of time!”.  The truth is it really never is a waste of time.  If you really loved the person you shared some great times but things just weren’t right.  Even if it was a short lived relationship you hopefully were able to learn from it.  Lastly if you are really hurting from a break up it is important to know that this feeling will not last forever.  The pain of losing someone so close to you will last but eventually you will get over the person.

Remember these four things and you should be able to move on faster than if you don’t do them.  Soon enough the pain will be gone and you will hopefully find someone you love and who cares for you more than the other person.


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