When thinking of ideas on “how to get my ex boyfriend back”, most women tend to get too creative and although nothing is wrong with that, they tend to miss the basic thing that they have to do.  They have to somehow make their ex give them a call.  Now there are many reasons for your ex to call you.  Sad to say, some ex boyfriends call their ex girlfriends just because they are really bored.  Secondly, he is feeling lonely and so he is remembering the past.  Third, you probably did something that made him jealous.  Fourth, he wants some items that he left with you back now that you are no longer together.  And last, maybe he is still into you and he is trying to gauge the chance of getting back together.  Although the last reason seems to be the most ideal one for him to call you, a call from your ex (rather than from you) is an opening that you can take advantage of.  So you want to know “how to get my ex boyfriend back?”  Get him to call you and here are some ways to do it.

First, cut all contact with him.  He would not have the push to call if he knows that you will do the calling in the first place.  That answers your “how to get my ex back” question.

Second, cut contact with all his family and friends.  That way, he has no way of knowing what you are up to because no one is there to report it to him.  Who knows, you may already be dating someone else!  That would be step 2 on “how to get my ex back”.

Third, go out and have fun and make sure that he finds out about it.  That much information may safely reach him.

His curiosity would eventually get the best of him.  Just be patient and he would eventually make that call.

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