Girls, here is a crash course on how guys think after a break up.  Unlike women who let their emotions brew,

how to get my boyfriend back

how to get my boyfriend back

work through them until things get better, men tend to do the exact opposite.  After a break up, they push their feelings aside, place them in a shelf and try their hardest to ignore them.  That is because the emotional outburst is just too much and being detached and uncaring is way easier than feeling the full pain of the blow.  He knows that the feelings will go away in time but for now, it is best to keep it at bay.  How to get my boyfriend back?  All that you have to do is to uncover those emotions.  After all, just because they are hidden does not mean that they are not there anymore.  In fact, he hid them precisely because they are too strong.

So how do you uncover those emotions that he is working so hard to hide?  Doing so is crucial so that you know “how to get my boyfriend back”.

Be the girl that he fell in love with.  In a relationship, people tend to change without noticing it.  So be the girl whom he loved and pursued and this will send all those emotions that he has been hiding back.  If you are lucky, that would be enough for him to go back to you.  That is the first step on “how to get my boyfriend back”.

If that does not work, do the simple things that he used to love when you do it for him.  It does not have to be big.  It can be something as simple as ordering his favorite drink for him if you bump into him somewhere.  Those will trigger happy memories together that are strong enough to get him to go back to you.

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