So you recently experienced a break up with your girlfriend and let us face it, you may claim that it is all for the good and that it was a good break up but if you truly love her, do you want to give up on what you have so soon?  I think not.  You can do it by employing technology and the modern ways on how to go about it.  You can consistently send her SMS through her phone or leave her sweet notes in Facebook.

But let us face it that is not as romantic as the traditional way of doing things.  The effect of a hand written letter is totally lost when it is sent through email although the content is totally the same.  So these are some tips on how to get back a girlfriend the traditional way.  After all, women are romantic creatures.  Your ex is bound to feel like the princess that she is if you employ these techniques:

1.  Send her flowers!  Women love flowers.  And I am not talking about those flower presents that you can give in Facebook.  Have it sent over to her house or her workplace.  Considering that you were once the boyfriend, you should know her favorite color and her favorite flower at this time.  If you want to add a bit of a mystery to it, do not write down your name.  Chances are she would know who it is from anyway.  After all, how many guys know her as well as you do?  That is one trick on how to get her back the traditional way.

2.  Write her a letter and by that I mean using a pen and a paper.  Seeing your handwriting just has a more personal effect than doing so in an email.  As you write, you do not have to be totally poetic if that is not you.  It just might appear fake and she might even think that you asked someone else to do it for you.  The most important thing is to be totally honest and simply express your thoughts and feelings in that piece of paper (or hallmark card).  You can have it dropped off at her place or at work.  And yes, you can send it with your flowers too.  If you want to totally woo her, you may want to send a letter every day until such time that she is back in your arms again.

3.  When you feel that her heart has softened due to your efforts, nothing beats showing up unexpectedly on her door step or her work place (just make sure that it is during her break time) properly fixed and with a bouquet of flowers and chocolate in hand.  Dress up for her and remind her of the man that she fell in love with.  Bring your charm and your humor and your humility with you.  After all, “I am sorry” is always called for.

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