get back exHe has not return any of your calls.  He is acting like he is perfectly happy to finally get rid of you.  Every day, you feel him slipping further and further away.  Can you still get him back or is it totally over for the two for the two of you?  Are you hoping for something that is no longer there?  Doesn’t your relationship deserve a second chance?  These are some steps on how to get ex back.

If you want to know how to get ex back, then you must be aware of the greatest post break up mistakes that you could ever commit.  Stalking, pleading, begging, chasing and constantly calling – you cannot commit a post breakup mistake greater than those.  The reason why committing mistakes is so crucial at this point is that emotions are incredibly high after a breakup.  Hence, mistakes are magnified and blows out of proportion.  This could significantly lessen your chance of getting back together.

The best thing that you can do right after a break up is to let him walk away.  That is the best step on how to get ex back.  It may seem counterproductive for females but for males, the more that you force them to stay, the more that they would like to break free from your grasp.  That is one thing that you should know on how to get ex back.

Last, just enjoy your life being single.  Do not call, do not get in touch in any way.  Do what you have to – work smart, hang out with friends, meet new people.  If he sees how well you are handling yourself, he is more likely to second guess his decision and he will make the first move.  That way, the tide has turned and the ball is in your court.

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