It is natural to feel angry right after a break up. After all, anger is a secondary emotion and after getting hurt due angerto some words that were said, the feeling of anger would soon follow.  As odd as it may seem, you may have the urge to get back with your boyfriend or girlfriend even though you are still somewhat angry.  Acting while still holding a grudge is never good because even though you do manage to get together, you will only end up hurting each other again, fighting and breaking up.  Breaking up the second time around would leave an even deeper scar than the first.  If you want to know how to get back together. The answer is to deal with your anger first.

How do you deal with your anger so that you can start with the first tip on how to get back together?  For some people, it helps to keep a journal.  Just write how you feel and why you feel that way.  No one would take it against you.  In fact, no one even has to know about it.  It just helps to write it down and get it out of your system.  Now that blogging is possible, you can blog about it.  Just make sure that no one else can read your entry.

You can also try engaging in physical activities.  That is a safe way to get your angst out.  Run as fast as you can, hit that ball the hardest, swim till you are too tired and your anger has been exhausted.  You need release.  That is how to get back together with your ex.

You can also yell, scream and cry.  Just do not do it in public where people could think that you have lost it.

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