how to get a manThere is no one foolproof way to find a man. It’s easy to get hung up on finding the perfect man, or a specific type of man, but this tactic generally produces poor results. There are no perfect people out there, though we all like to think the next potential mate will be nicer, funnier, or better in bed. Humans love to compare and never want to feel they are selling themselves short. If you focus on finding certain qualities in a man, you will miss the bigger picture and possibly lose out on making a real connection with the love of your life. The best tactic is not to focus on finding a man. Instead, focus on yourself and good men will find you.

Be yourself and be realistic. You can’t pretend to be someone you’re not forever, and building a relationship on false pretenses never works. Most importantly, don’t let your relationship status dictate your happiness. If you are not working to be the best person you can be, it’s hard to convince others you are worth their time. Do everything you can to improve yourself. Start going to the gym again. Get a funky new haircut. Try a new hobby. Not only will these activities make you feel great, you will be putting yourself out there to meet new people. And, of course, don’t judge every man you meet on looks alone. Even if you are not initially attracted to his physical appearance, you might just fall in love with his mind.This will help you how to get a man.

So forget all the rules about dating you’ve learned along the way. There is no need to play hard to get or use other mind games if there is a true spark. On the other hand, don’t bet on love at first sight either. Many long term matches grow out of a strong friendship or casual relationship. In the real world, men and women meet and connect in many different places. Actively searching out men only makes you seem desperate. Rather than worry about the best way to get the perfect man, just be yourself and your man will find you.

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