Some women are so desperate to get a man to like them that they end up being someone else whenever they are around him.  Well guess what, that is not really a way to get a man to notice you.  You are simply making him notice another woman who looks an awful lot like you but is not you in any way.  That is just tragic because the point is to get a man to appreciate you and not the other woman that you are pretending to be.  Besides, how long can you keep the act of being another woman?  Not very long, for sure.  So these are the ways to get a man to like you for who you are.  You are incredibly lovable just the way you are.  There is absolutely no need to try to be someone else.

First, if you want to know how to get a man to like you for who you are, then you must show him who you are in the first place.  That means wearing less makeup and simply baring the real you.  That does not mean that you should literally forsake makeup.  Some women after all are real makeup fans.  If you are one of them, that is perfectly all right.  The point is to not cover your true self with the thickness of your makeup.  Show him who you really are and he will like you for it and if you find Mr. Right, he will absolutely love the true you.

The second way on how to get a man to like you for who you are is by wearing what you want and not merely what you think he would like.  Your fashion says a lot about you.  If you are into frills and laces, then you are a very girly woman.  If you prefer the more sporty look, that is okay.  That’s just the kind of person you are.  If you prefer the semi corporate get up, then do not hesitate to don your favorite dress.  Do not conform your fashion to what you think he thinks is attractive.  After all, if he is to see the real you and like you for it, it would most definitely include your fashion.

The third way on how to get a man to like you is by eating the food that you like and not eating only what is low in calorie.  Women these days practically starve themselves just to look good for a man.  That is not exactly the best way to snag the right guy.  It is not healthy either because our body needs food to function.  So eat what you want.  Do you think that steak is yummy?  Then order it on your date instead of the usual greens that leave you starving.  Who knows?  Mr. Right just might go for a woman with a hearty appetite and not one who eats like a bird.

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