Women may be from Venus and men from Mars but the truth is, the male specie is not really all that hard to figure out.  Do you want to get a boyfriend easily?  Well, these are the surefire ways to make you change your status in Facebook from “single” to “in a relationship”.

1.      If you want to attract a man then be the girl of his dreams.  No, you do not have to look like the hottest Hollywood stars.  Yes, they are gorgeous but the truth is real men would often go for real women and that means that you are part of the list.  By being the girl of their dreams, that simply means taking effort to look your best.  Wear makeup to enhance your beauty but not too much of it please.  Spray on some sweet smelling perfume.  Again, do not overdo it.  Paint your nails and fix your hair.  Those things that you really enjoy doing actually help you be the woman of his dreams.

2.      Take effort to get to know him better.  After all, how would you know if the two of you are compatible if you barely know each other?  Say hello and ask questions every now and then.  Let the man know that you exist.  Do not stay in this area of your friendship for too long though or else you endanger being thrown into the friend zone.  Once that happens, there is almost no way out.

3.      Show him that you are not just one of those girls.  How?  Everyone has talents.  Flaunt yours.  You may also want to highlight the good things about your character.  Are you a great listener?  Charming?  Funny?  Witty?  Then show those traits to him to show him that you are not just a girl but you are THE girl.

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