When you say begging a girl in the “smoothest” way possible, it is simply impossible to not think of a certain British spy known as James Bond.  Unfortunately, he is a figment of the imagination, perfect when seen on screen and hailed by most men (and women) alike when it comes to his swagger in relationships.  Sadly, James Bond does not exist except in Hollywood and men who try to copy his style always end up falling flat on their face – embarrassed, ashamed and single.  These are the ways on how to get a girlfriend in the smoothest way possible.  It is not exactly how James Bond would do it but for men who are actually real and not a fictional movie character, it actually works.

The first tip on how to get a girlfriend in the smoothest way possible is to say NO to cheesy lines and YES to honesty.  Yes, those movie lines seem really romantic, dreamy and heartfelt but the truth is, it is not original and if you picked the line up from some feel good film, chances are the girl that you are trying to woo has already seen it.  Nothing would make you fall flat on your face faster than using a line that is obviously not original.  Besides, if she knows you well enough, then she would probably figure out that using a cheesy line that would work well hearing it from her favorite boy next door movie star and that is something that is totally not you.  Yup, she would figure out that it is not originally yours in a flash.  So just be honest and say what you have to say in a manner that you are comfortable expressing it.  After all, women simply want a heartfelt declaration of feelings and intention.

The second tip on how to get a girlfriend in the smoothest way possible is to say NO to putting your best foot forward and YES to just being yourself.  It is common for men to lavish the girl with everything that he’s got during the courting stage.  Fine dining restaurant?  Check!  Best looking outfit?  Check!  Expensive flowers and chocolates?  Check and check!  Although all those are well and good, the question is can you sustain it?  When guys put their best foot forward during the courting stage, they are unwittingly setting the expectation of the woman of what it would be like when they are already together.  Now if you only have enough of a budget to treat her to the finest things during the courting stage then you might as well get real and show her who you really are from the very beginning.

Third, if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend in the smoothest way possible, then say NO to “love at first sight” and YES to true friendship.  Nothing could be smoother than being a true friend to the girl and deciding to take it up to the next level.

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