Finding out if a guy likes you is not really rocket science however it does mean that a girl must have keen powers of observation.  At times, she has to be sneaky too.  After all, boys often do their best to be subtle and smooth as they make their move so if you want to be aware if he likes you or not, then you better keep your eyes open for the following signs. If you pay close attention to the following signs you will get a man in no time.

1.      Pay close attention to his body language whenever he is around you.  Does he rarely turn his back?  Is he often leaning forward when you speak?  Does his eyes never leave your face when you speak?  If so, those are indications that he is interested in you.  Why?  He never wants you to feel left out, he doesn’t want to miss out on a single word that you say and his eyes show intensity that guys who aren’t interested wouldn’t show.

2.      Listen carefully to the things that he tells you.  Does he talk about himself a lot?  If so, that is an indication that he likes you.  Telling you more about himself is his way of showing you that he is worthy of you.  If there is competition, meaning there is another person who is also into you, his tendency to talk about himself intensifies.

3.      Some guys try to flirt with other girls in order to catch your attention and see how you would react.  Chances are he would shoot little glances at you just to see your reaction.  You have to be quick to catch those looks.  That is a surefire way to tell if he is into you.

4.      If he is showing interest in the things that you like, then that guy must be head over heels for you.

By knowing that he is intrested in you, you are one step closer to attracting a man. If you would like to learn more tips on how to get  a man then you can look for more information on this website.

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