So you scored a date with a guy whom you have been eying for some time now.  And here is the million dollar question, what on earth should you wear?  Here is some relationship advice that can help you determine what you should wear. You open your closet and find what seems like a million and one outfits.  Why then does it feel like you do not have anything to wear?  For you women who want to dress to impress on your first date, these are some tips that you should remember.

First, do not overdo it.  Less is more and simple is sexy.  Go for the classics and there is no need to go trendy.  Why is that?  Let us just say that men do not really know fashion as well as women do.  They can just tell if you look good or not so look pretty.  That does not necessarily mean that you have to be in your branded clothes.  Second, remember that you must look like a lady.  They must be able to tell the difference between your look when you are just at work, hanging out or when you are on a date.  So wear a skirt instead of your usual jeans and trade in those flats with some heels at least for the mean time.

If you are particularly proud of one feature of your body then accentuate it.  there is really no need to wear something that is too tight or overly revealing.  You must leave something for the imagination.  So if you wear tight pants then pair it with a top that is not so body hogging.  You must also think of the details such as your nails so go get a manicure and pedicure.  You can even color your hair or get highlights if you want to.  Those are things to remember if you want to dress to impress for the first date.

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