Jealousy is something that can be found in everyone. However some of us are able to keep it under control much better than other people. There are many ways to deal with jealousy, and also a few ways to look at jealousy and what is causing it that should help you control your emotions.

One thing to think of is that if your husband is going to do something, he is most likely going to do it whether it makes you jealous or not. So really it is just taking a step back from the situation and not torturing yourself over a million different things, that your partner probably never even thought of. More often than not jealousy is simply making something that really wasn’t anything into a big deal. Also understand that it is just human nature to look at good looking people when they walk by. As long as your spouse isn’t ever touching the person or even talking to them, really absolutely no harm has been done. If you are constantly worrying about what your spouse may be doing behind your back you should reevaluate your relationship. Either you are letting your emotions run hay-wire or your spouse is probably not treating you very well if he or she is making you feel this way.

Jealousy is built on insecurities. If you are confident in yourself however you should be able to handle your significant other being around people of the opposite sex, and know that they still will like you just the same, your significant other is with you for a reason, so don’t be worried about losing them just from hanging out with other guys or girls. You have to really love yourself before anyone else can love you.

So the way to deal with jealousy really starts with yourself. You have to be confident in how you look and act, and really love yourself. No matter who is around you or your partner, your partner is with you because you are you. Jealousy can really cause a lot of problems in relationships, so it is important to deal with it, nobody wants to be in a relationship where somebody is constantly questioning their every move. Learn to love yourself and see the beauty in you, stop comparing yourself to everyone, and you should be well on your way to getting rid of your jealousy.

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