In today’s society more and more people are meeting online, which is great, however this in turn creates a much larger number of long distance relationships, with this comes many questions, and possible problems.  This article will explain in simple terms how to deal with a long distance relationship, and help you achieve happiness with your long distance partner.

The easiest thing you should do right away is ensure you have good communication with your LDR partner, this includes making sure your cell phone plans are compatible, Skyping fairly often, and making sure you have enough time in your schedule to communicate with these devices.  The next thing you should do is make sure each of you is under the same impression of the rules and standing of your relationship.  Things obviously won’t work out if one of you thinks you are monogamous and the other think they can sleep with whomever they please until you two are together again.  Another thing you can do is be extremely affectionate to your loved one, and even be over concerned and interested in their day to day lives, this makes them feel more important to you and they will likely act the same way towards you.   Also doing things at the same time while on the phone is a great way to enjoy each other’s company, while enjoying some activity with one another, some activities you could do together include watching the same movie at the same time, or cooking the same meal and eating it together.

Another very important thing is to plan time when you know you will see each other next whether it be in a year, six months, or even just one month it is important to make sure you see them on these dates and not letting other things make you miss this date.  Along with planning how often you will see you partner you should also agree upon when you can move back closer to each other, whether it be after one of you finishes school, or whatever the case may be it is important to agree on when you will start living in close proximity to each other.

If you can master these few skills you will have a much greater chance at making it through your long distance relationship with as few problems as possible.

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