Marriage counselors are commonly seen as things to avoid with your spouse, a place to only go if you have serious issues.  This is not always the case however, marriage counselors provide a unique service and can benefit nearly every relationship.  This makes it very important to know how to choose the right marriage counselor for you and your spouse.

The first thing you should check out is their credentials.  You want to find someone who is a couples therapy expert.  Most counselors will claim to have some expertise in couples therapy so you should press further, you should ask if couples therapy is something they specialize in, and make sure they have at least ten years of experience doing this.

The next thing you should do is see if the counselor is compatible with you and your spouse.  The person should be fair and balanced, not favoring either one of you.   Cost is another paramount thing to consider when choosing your marriage counselor.

Costs for typical counselors often cost between eighty and one-hundred dollars, although some are paid for by your insurance company provider.  Make sure you know the price and are willing to pay it to help your marriage, in the long run it will be useful.  If you or your spouse really hates the idea of going in to see an actual counselor there are many places online to look for help as well.

All in all there are many things to keep in mind when choosing your marriage counselor.  Remember to check their credentials, their experience, their compatibility, and cost.  If you do all of these things and the person checks out you have likely found yourself a great match, and will most likely get a lot of help from them.  Hopefully you are now on your way to a happier marriage.

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