Did you know that most women are attracted to men who are of higher status than they are?  It’s true, contrary to what most guys believe, women are more attracted to status than looks.  In fact women don’t really care about looks all that much, as long as the guy takes care of himself, and can prove that he is a high class, high status kind of person.  Think about how many times you see beautiful women with a lot older, or less attractive men, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  So if you aren’t a great looking guy, it is no cause for despair, because there are many ways to portray yourself as a really high status guy, that will attract many women.

First of all it is hard for most guys to come to terms with the fact that girls don’t really care about looks as much as men do.  This is largely because men are often attracted to beauty over any other factor it is reasonable for them to think the same is true of women.  This causes a lot of guys to think some women will never be interested in them, luckily for them this is simply not the case.  Women are obviously attracted to good looking men, however they are also very attracted to power and high status.

One common mistake men make is to ask the girl if she thinks he looks cool, or good, or if he can kiss her, or if she approves of him.  Sadly if you do this there is a very low chance you will be able to create attraction between you and that girl.  For a women to be really attracted to you, you have to demonstrate you don’t mind being the leader, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to have fun.  Also don’t rely on props to make an impression.  Finally try not to act nervous or twitchy around her.

As you can see being attractive to a women has almost more to do with the way you act around her than what you look like.  If you take care of yourself and follow the advice in this article you will be that much closer to being with a beautiful women.

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