More often than not, it is the men who end up chasing women.  While there is nothing particularly wrong with that (it is tradition after all), there is a certain pleasure that you can get if you know how to attract women and get them to chase you instead.  Now do not think that it would mean zero effort on your part because you still have to work.  You just get the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts paid off.

If you want to attract a woman and get her to chase you, you need to have an interesting and compelling personality.  Be playful – the man who makes her laugh.  Do not be afraid to tease her or throw a joke.  Women like it when a guy is not too uptight. If you follow this information you are for sure to get a girlfriend.

The second key is to ask the right questions.  So do not simply ask her about the weather but ask her about things that would let you know her a little better.  In order to get her to chase you, information is key.  You must first pique her interest and then show her that you are the kind of guy who is worth spending time with.  Just so your questions do not seem to come out of the blue, let’s say that you are in a music store and you spot an interesting woman, ask her about her favorite music genre.  That is bound to get the ball rolling.

And the final key is to keep your ears open and to listen.  Let her know that you are interested in what she has to say by not just hearing her out but by remembering the things that she told you.  This would come in handy as you get to know each other better.

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