After a break up you realize that you still want to get back with boyfriend. It is almost like the whole courtship events happening all over again. Take relationship control the first step to make up with him and to start anew is to get him to be attracted to you and to notice you. But how do you do that especially after all the mean things that you have hurled at each other? These are some things that you can try to get your ex boyfriend to notice you in a good way once again.

Before you fling yourself right back at him, you must first look inside yourself and determine what it is that caused your break up. If you had certain attitudes, actions or habits that contributed to it then point it out and come up with a plan of ridding yourself of those bad habits for good. Then you must determine the things that you can do in order to change from the person who you were to the person that you want to be. That entails work and a lot of conscious effort on your part however it has to be done because if you just get back together without resolving issues, that is just a temporary patch to your problem. That really did not solve anything. If you want things to work for you the second time around, you must change and do so it a genuine manner.

Once you are done with the introspection, you can then get in touch with him and let him know that you have changed. You can even be as bold as to ask him to risk it with you again. Of course, you should do more than tell him that. You must show him as well.

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