Some girls find it very confusing and difficult to tell if a guy is genuinely interested in her.  Are you one of those women who think that he really cares but do not want to be too assuming?  Well, these are some ways for you tell whether or not he genuinely cares about you.

Knowing if he cares about you can come a long way to finding out if he can be the one. This can help you on how to get a man. Relationship control is here to give you tips and advice to any of your questions.

First, does he call you just to ask how your day went?  Does he genuinely seem interested to know about how you are, how you are feeling and if you are really okay?  Does he care enough to ask if you have eaten?  Well guess what, those are definite signs that he really cares about you.

Second, does he want to meet your family and friends and people who are dear to you even though he knows for a fact that he could get “the look” from dad and a whole lot of curious question from mom?  Does he want to win them over even though he is fully aware that all of them will be testing him out first?  If that is the case, then that guy is really into you.  There is no doubt about it.

Third, is he currently watching a Broadway showing or doing something that he normally would not do just to spend time with you?  Believe me, agreeing to drive for you to the mall and not minding carrying all those shopping bags is a sign that he cares.  When he does something that he really does not enjoy just so the two of you can be together, that speaks a lot of how he really feels about you.

Fourth, if things have been crazy and yet he is still there for you and he puts up with it, then that guy is in love with you.  He is for keeps – someone who you should treasure.

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