You may not be aware of it but right after a break up, a war also breaks – a psychological war that is and sometimes, that war is even tougher to win than your regular war.  Now if you are keen on winning the said war, then you must be equipped with the right ammo.  The ammo is called mind games and these are the ones that are proven to work.

First, you must recognize that it is normal to swing from one emotion to the next after a break up.  Don’t worry, that is perfectly normal but if you want to win the psychic war game then you have to keep your emotions to yourself.  When your ex is around, make sure that you are cool, calm and collected.  No emotional outbursts please.

Second, do not look desperate to get back with boyfriend.  That means no phone calls, no Facebooking and absolutely no stalking.  If you act desperate, you are endangering yourself from further alienation from your ex.

Third, you can win your ex all over again by changing the bad habits that annoyed him or her the most.  Make your ex see that the person that they fell in love with still exists.  Sometimes in a course of a relationship, we tend to not notice that we are already changing.  Be that lovable and charming person that you were when you first met!

Fourth, spend more time with your friends and less time with your ex.  Do not overdo it though.  You do not want your ex-girlfriend to feel that she totally meant nothing to you.  That would reap the opposite of what you are hoping for.

Fifth, give yourself a much needed upgrade.  That means in every aspect including physical, emotional and even mental.  If that doesn’t make your ex come running back, nothing ever will.


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