Learn here how to get the woman you want. Have you often found it is easier to attract girls you are not attracted to?  I like to call this my school of accidental seduction, it is more common than you might think, and there is a solid reason why it happens too.  Here’s why, most men when they first meet a girl they are into make the mistake of trying to get on her good side, they try to act in a certain way that they think she will like.  Basically they end up showing they like her in a really obvious way.

But when you talk to a women you aren’t all that interested in, you often don’t really care what her opinion of you is, meaning you are able to act however you please and say whatever you want, because it makes no difference to you what her reaction is.

Now here is the weird thing, quality women actually prefer it when men disagree with them, call them out, and act in ways that the average man usually does not treat desirable women.  This doesn’t mean you should purposefully talk bad about her around her friends or anything, you should stay true to who you are.

So the best thing you can possibly do is be authentic.  Being authentic means to not supplicate to her every want, and not obeying her like a dog, it means being your own person, it also means not disagreeing with her all the time on purpose.  Basically quit role-playing.  Reveal your real personality to a girl that you actually are in to.  A lot of guys now days agree with everything a girl says and they hand themselves over to her on a silver platter, however they don’t realize that they are making themselves about as appetizing as a root canal.

Overall it is better to be yourself than try to play a certain role that you think the girl wants.  There are a million guys out there today either playing the nice guy, or the cocky tough guy, if you really want a girl you should just be yourself around her.  If you can be honest about what you want with ba girl you will stand out from the crowd in a much better way than all the guys trying to play a certain role. With the information that I  have provided to you, you can learn how to get the woman you want.

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