Are you ready to get more dates and ditch the rules? Getting a top quality girl basically boils down to composing yourself with integrity, and actually being a top quality guy yourself.  I’m talking about being open and honest about who you really are, and what you really want.  At this stage you may be wondering if being authentic is the same as being yourself.   There is enough confusing and ultimately useless advice out there about being yourself already.  If being yourself really isn’t working for you, if you aren’t getting success with the kinds of girls you want, how is continuing to be “just yourself” going to help you.  You won’t have to change yourself but just tweak a few things that will make your real self be attractive to women, and that means you never have to rely on tricks and techniques to get the girl.

I advocate trying to get really honest with yourself and authentic, and not playing by any “rules” to get what you want.  Rules really suck and they are not necessary for you to get the kind of life that you really want.  Being yourself and being honest doesn’t mean going up to a pretty girl and telling her she is hot however.  Instead be your smart honest self and analyze the situation to see what kind of opening would actually result in a conversation.  Also try not to act in order to impress anyone.  This doesn’t mean stop caring what anyone thinks of you, just don’t become an approval seeker, as women never see approval seekers in a positive light.  It is the guys who try too hard, and care too much who do not get the women.

In a quick recap, for most guys attracting a women involves being nice to the girl, agreeing with the girl on every subject, and basically doing anything in their power to make her happy.  I’m sure you have realized that men who try this tactic crash and burn with women repeatedly. It is still very important to be a nice quality guy, but there is a balance that comes into play.  Also you must develop strength of personality, have your own opinions, and be passionate about them,  also it is important to be able to walk away from a women, or disagree with her, even if she is extremely attractive. If you follow some of the information contained in this article you are for sure to get more dates without the common rules.



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