Of course there is still a chance to get back with boyfriend.  Sometimes people break up because they were hurt and after some time of processing how they feel, they realize that it is the wrong move.  Of course, for you to get back together with your ex, you have to know if he is still interested in you.  Now don’t go all defensive and say “Of course he is!” because you never really know for sure unless he is showing one or several of these signs.

He still contacts you even though you are no longer together.

In order to get back with boyfriend and making it easier you need to know that he is still into you.  If he still calls you for no reason at all, then that is a good sign that he is still interested in you.  The fact that he calls means that he still wants to know what you are up to, how you are doing, what has been keeping you busy and the list goes on.  The bottom line is that you are still constantly in his mind.

He drunk dials you late at night.

When a person is drunk, all his inhibitions go away.  That is when he is more likely to fall for the things that he usually stops himself from doing when he is sober.  If he drunk dials you, chances are he has been wanting to call but just cannot find the nerve to do so.  Getting back with boyfriend is simple if that is the case.

Your ex spends time with your close friends and family

If that is the case, then that means that he is trying to get back in your life through your family and friends.  That guy is totally into you so with just a little positive signal from you, he is bound to give your relationship another chance.

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