If you want the girl of your past back, you’re going to have to remember how you first fell for her, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to remember her.

Getting back a girlfriend has to start with reminding her why she originally fell for you. Of course, first you need to get close enough to her. If you’re not currently friends, invite her out to “catch up”. Don’t just tell her that you want to get back together, at first. Just be the best of yourself, whether at dinner or just on the phone chatting. Bring up fun times you had together, and share a few laughs.

The most important thing person forget to do, whether broken up or even married for years, is the small things that made you fall for each other. A girl will miss how her boyfriend opened the door for her, or how he would always make a particular joke. Once people get comfortable in a relationship, it can be easy to let those things slip, which is probably an underlying reason the relationship is no more.

So remember the things you used to do. If you honestly don’t know what they were, ask her. When you start doing them, it’ll be clear to her that you want to patch up the past. In general, be nice to her and let her remember for herself why she liked you so much to date you in the first place. Once you’ve reminded her of how you got together, then it’s time to move in.

Starts going out with her frequently so that you can reconnect bring yourself closer to her. Don’t be hasty with physical affection, because at this point a girl is generally satisfied with the idea of being your friend, and doesn’t realize she’s falling for you again.

Now that she’s comfortable with you and has remembered how it all happened in the first place, what’s left for you to do is wait. The time will come. It’s different for every couple. There will be a few times that a girl would expect you to make your move, and that first couple of times, she’s not sure what she’ll do if you make it. You don’t want to make your move then, as she may still be confused. Then there’ll come the time where you know she wants you to and that’s when you should act.

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