Taking action to get back with boyfriend must be one of the toughest things to do.  Aside from the fact that you are baring your heart and soul and putting your pride on the line, you are also passing the ball on his court which means that he can turn you down.  That means getting hurt twice and twice the pain for you.  But why do women decide to go through it anyway?  The reason is that the price is high.  If he agrees to try to work things out with you all over again, then all the pride swallowing is ultimately worth it.

Do not expect that your relationship would miraculously fix itself the second time around though.  After all, it would not be called a breakup unless something is broken.  So the key is to fix that broken something and the only way to do it is to point out where the problem lies.  Once that is done, you must come up with definite ways to face and fix the problem for good.  Without some introspection on your part, you are only setting yourself up for another heartbreak because your relationship will not last very long.

Once you are done with your self reflection, talk to your ex and share everything that you have discovered with him.  Tell him about the problem, how you intend to resolve it and if he would be willing to get back together with you again now that you have a plan to make things work.  If he wants to, then congratulations!  All your hard work paid off.  If he is not willing to, then you definitely can’t do anything about it but at least you know that you did your best so you can look back with no regrets.

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