Do you feel like you have to shoulder all of the responsibilities in the marriage. It is quite common for one partner to feel like the other partner is letting them down, and is not stepping up and doing their fair share. This could mean that they are not taking responsibility for the emotional areas of the relationship, but most often it means that they are not doing their fair share in the practical day to day running of the household and family.

This is a big deal because fighting about money and an unfair division of labor causes seventy percent of all divorces. Determining a fair division of labor and arriving at job descriptions can be an easy issue to resolve, it’s just simple math. There are twenty-four hours in a day and a certain amount of tasks that both partners need to accomplish to make both members happy.

Here are three easy steps that will help you accomplish this.

First each person should make a list of everything they do to maintain the support of the household and family.

Next add up the time it takes for each partner to complete these tasks.

Finally get together with your spouse and review each other’s lists. If the total time appears unbalanced agree to give up or take on responsibilities until both parties are satisfied with their job descriptions.

Creating a fair division of labor is an extremely important part to any marriage, so take some time to fill out the job description sheets and you will be on your way to a happier and more equal marriage. Even if the workload is already fair, making this list will help both partners fully understand all of the work the other partner is doing, and give each of you a full perspective of all the work done in your home daily.

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