People across the world deal with bad relationships, and flings that just aren’t meant to last.  If you don’t handle these right things could go down a slippery slope and end up way worse than you thought at first.  So it is important to handle them in the right ways as well as figure out what is causing them in the first place, also it is important to not stay stuck in a relationship that just isn’t working for you.

The biggest problem with most people is that they forget to respect their own happiness when it comes to relationships.  They deal with people cheating on them, people ignoring them, but they try not to mind for the benefit of their partner in the relationship.  However you seriously need to ask yourself if the relationship with that person is really worth it for you if they are treating you so poorly.  Also you need to take the time to really go out and enjoy life on your own and have hobbies and other things that you like to do so you are not depending on someone who is repeatedly letting you down for your happiness.  If something starts happening in a relationship that you don’t like, you should bring it up to your partner, not silently let it burden you.  If you get dumped because you bring it up to your partner they obviously weren’t the right person for you in the first place.

The moral of the story is if you are in a relationship you need to attend to your own needs and stick up for yourself.  If you don’t respect yourself and stick up for yourself then you will get walked all over in your relationships, and continue having the same problems with different people.  It is important to really take some time to realize what makes you important, and find things that make you happy so you are not dependant on relationships to make you happy.


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