Many people have to deal with on off relationships; maybe you are in one right now or have been in one before.  For whatever reason it may be if you don’t get along with a person enough to break up with them twice it most likely isn’t meant to be between the two of you.

If you are in an on off relationship take the time to step back and think do you really want to get back with this person?  Was this a good relationship, was it healthy? The last reason you should be in a relationship is the ever present fear of being single.  Being single is a great and often really fun thing.  Also another thing that makes people get stuck in on off relationships is that they are scared they won’t feel that way about anyone else, or they won’t be as comfortable around anyone else.

Trust me it just gets better the more you date.  You are just at the very beginning of the dating road.  Along this road you are going to meet different people and have different experiences.  Never think that this is the end, that you will never find someone else.  Instead take some time for yourself, so you can really explore your boundaries and really figure out what makes you you.  Also get comfortable being with yourself so you don’t feel like you always have to be in a relationship.  If you have broken up a few times it most likely isn’t going to work out and you should end it for yourself.  You will free up a lot of time and have a lot less headaches about how to please that person, or make your relationship work.

As hard as it may be taking some times for yourself, reading, and truly finding yourself, will ultimately be the very best thing for you.  The most important thing is your balance and your happiness.  You deserve to be happy so don’t let on off relationships get in the way of that.


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