In this article we will be talking about how to cure yourself of Nice-Guy-Syndrome.  Now this is a problem that many many people have.  They are too nice, the girl is always asking them to do things for them, and they inadvertently become the best friend, the girl is crying on their shoulder, and then somehow in the end they don’t win her heart.

So there is only one way to cure nice guy syndrome, and that is to value your own time and your own self-worth.  If a girl calls you and is crying, your more than welcome to help her and be nice to her, you should never be a jerk, a jerk doesn’t always get the girl.  However, a man who uses his time wisely decides what he wants and goes for it, that guy will always seem more attractive to women.

If you’re at a restaurant on a date, this is an example, and she doesn’t like pizza and you do, don’t be a pushover, get yourself some pizza, if you want to do something specific on Saturday and she is too busy, do it on your own.  You are the person in charge of yourself, the more you care about yourself the more likely other people will care about you too.

So basically the best way to cure yourself of nice guy syndrome is to still continue to be a nice guy, just don’t let people take advantage of you, and don’t let people walk all over you.  Even if you don’t feel very strongly about a certain topic if you would rather do something else than go shopping with your friend that is a girl, let her know and she will likely respect you more than before.  Also it is important to act confidently in your decisions around women, girls don’t want a guy who can’t make up his own mind.


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