Do you feel like your partner is check out and won’t work on your relationship? If so this article will certain help. I realize that checked out can mean a lot of different things to different couples. It might simply mean you are having trouble communicating with your spouse about the problems in the relationship. It might mean you are living in the same house as your spouse but never really connecting. To some it might mean having heard the words, ” I’m not in love anymore”. For some it may mean their spouse has already moved out or interested in someone else. These are all incredibly difficult and painful situations, and I’m going to give you some information that may offer some hope.

First of all it is important to understand that the people who stay married are the people who really work to stay married. Being more clear I will say that with work almost any and every marriage can be saved. This seriously means ANY marriage. However the problem is that not everyone wants to save the current marriage that they have. So when inviting your partner to check back in to the marriage it is important to use words that don’t make them feel attacked or blame, guilty, powerless, or even like failures. Instead of focusing on the hurt past try to focus on the possibly bright future.

If you do these things it will undoubtedly help bring you and your spouse to check back in to the marriage. The biggest step is getting both of you to a place where you really both want to be a part of the marriage again, and really care about making it work. Once this happens you are more than half way to getting your marriage to work again.

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