save a marriageMarriage is precious and something that is worth working on and working for.  It is worth saving regardless of how tough things seem to be.  When you go online or watch talk shows, you will learn a hundred and one ways that claim to be the best ways to save a marriage.  However, they can’t all be the best, can they?  In fact, it is pretty scary because following the wrong advice can cost you your marriage.  Hence, these are the things that can really save your marriage.  These are just guidelines but the best ways to save a marriage is something that you alone could know.  After all, each couple is unique and no one knows your couple dynamics more than yourself.

First, you have to be original.  Yes, a candlelit dinner for two could work but that really depends on your spouse.  You know your husband or your wife better than anybody else and you of all people should know how to make him or her happy.  If she likes traveling then pay for her plane ticket if budget would permit.  Maybe a trip for two is all that you need to revive that spark.  If he likes sports then try playing with him.  You may not be the best but he’s bound to appreciate the effort anyway.  That is one of the best ways to save a marriage.

More than anything else, however, the best among the best ways to save a marriage is by doing it from the heart.  If you are just going through the motions because you want to save your marriage for the wrong reasons, then do not bother.  Your spouse would be able to tell if you sincerely care or not.  But if you are doing it out of love, your spouse would be able to detect that too.

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