First things first when you are flirting with a women you are setting the stage for what’s to come.  Basically you are defining the boundaries of what’s to come in your relationship with her, whether it’s a five minute chat, a date, a whole string of dates, or more of a long term relationship.  We all know that flirting is an important skill to have, but it still remains a pretty taboo subject, and in fact most information on flirting revolves around dim-witted theories like just be yourself, or go out and start talking and see what happens. It is presumably a fact that all guys have missed out on opportunities with flirtatious women, simply because you didn’t pick up on the fact that she was into you.  The way that women flirt is mainly based on subtleties, and most guys just don’t pick up on them.

The first thing every guy can do to increase his luck with the ladies is pay very close attention to details, and then act on what he sees.  Not only is this applicable to your flirting awareness in general, but also in any conversation you have with any women.  Women pay great attention to detail, they spend a lot of time on subtle parts of their appearance, most men don’t even notice these details, and if they do they almost never have the confidence to mention that they noticed.  If you can pick up on a few of these small details and comment on them the girl will really take  notice in  a very positive way.  Instead of being the guy who always compliments a girl on her necklace, amp things up a notch and actually notice some personal stuff about her.  Most women love original compliments, and you are going to get way more of a reaction than if you just commented on some of her jewelry.  If you compliment her on her style, confidence, or elegance will get you way farther than some run of the mill thing like telling her she’s hot or asking her if she’s got a boyfriend.

Remember women flirt differently than men, and pay attention to what the women in your environment are doing, pick up on girls’ body language and start using it to your advantage.  Also start noticing smaller details about women’s appearance and use them in your conversations with women.


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