So you have been single for some time now and you are looking for a companion – a girl who can make you happy, laugh and smile over the littlest and the simple things.  That is natural.  Everybody needs great company and commitment after all.  Hence, these are the 3 best tips on how to get a girlfriend.

Tip #1:  Have a life – one that is present whether or not you have a girlfriend.  You see some guys who seem down and depressed whenever they are alone?  Well guess what, chances are they will be alone because girls don’t want any of that drama.  They like guys who are happy and fun to be with because they want to be part of the laughter.  So don’t wreak in desperation whenever you’re single.  Have your own life and you won’t be single for long.

Tip #2:  Be daring enough to make the first move.  What are you waiting for sitting around on a corner, looking at a girl you know you will never have unless you go right ahead and introduce yourself?  The secret is to observe her, recognize an opportunity to approach and do not let it pass.  Timidity won’t get you anywhere.  Take little baby steps and see how she reacts to it.  Now remember, even though you are in it to win the girl, do not be too aggressive to the point that you will appear tactless.  Respect is always important.

Tip #3:  Show her that you are interested not just verbally but physically too.  Do you want to kiss her?  If the timing is right, go ahead and give it a shot.  You really don’t need to ask for permission because that will be awkward.

Those are the 3 Top tips on how to get a girlfriend.  Good luck!


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