The mistake of most women after a breakup is that they immediately resolve to fix things and thereby make it worse.  They call and they bug their ex until he is just so sick of it and wants nothing more than to get rid of her for good.  So before you boldly take that move to get back with boyfriend these are some important questions that you must ask yourself first.

First, ask yourself what the reason for your breakup is.  If you get together without answering this question, one thing is certain – you will only end up in a downward spiral and you will fight and eventually break up for the same reasons that you broke up this time around.  So make sure that the questions is answered from the cause.  Answering it will allow you to provide solutions to the problem.

Second, ask yourself why you should not let your emotions get the better of you.  Emotions are heightened after a breakup.  You feel angry, betrayed, unimportant, unloved, unattractive, you feel a sense of longing and wanting to hold on all at the same time.  Don’t be overruled by your emotions because it will make things even worse for you.  You’ll end up saying the wrong things at the wrong time, thereby pushing him away for good.  Wait till you calm down and then start talking to your man.

Third, ask yourself why it is important to give him some space.  One thing that you must understand is you’re not the only one who got hurt by what happened.  He is hurting too and men deal with pain differently from women.  They need time off to process so do give him that space he needs.

By asking yourself these important questions you are sure to get help with your relationship. If everything goes well you will have relationship control and I don’t mean being a control freak just being in control.

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