Girls hate to assume.  Even if a guy appears to like her, she often tries to turn a blind eye for fear that she is making everything up in her mind is he simply being “friendly”.  Well, if you want to find out if he is really into you, these are the telltale signs that simply give him away.  Watch for them the next time that you are out together.

1.      He stares deeply into your eyes and he does not really mind if you notice.  They say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul.  The fact that he is letting you stare into his to find out what is inside means that he is sending you a message that he finds incredibly difficult to say out loud.  If he really loves you, his eyes will tell you so.

2.      If he goes on and on babbling whenever you are together just to keep a conversation going, that means that he is really into you.  Now if you notice that the babbling intensifies when you are about to leave or almost home and he volunteered to bring you there, that means that he is trying to prolong his time with you.  He is hoping that his babbling would stretch your time together even for just a few precious minutes.

3.      When you crack a joke that you know for a fact is corny and he still lets out a hearty laugh that you know is not fake, then that must mean that the guy is really into you.  He finds everything that you say simply too charming.

4.      He’s into you if he is there to protect you and would not let any person who means you harm even come near you.

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